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Dave and Fraser

The name Cabezon is Spanish for ‘Pig headed’

We chose this for two reasons. Our founder Dave was given that nickname when living in Barcelona and secondly… we liked it. We wanted to make drinks that we liked. Rums that could be sipped and savoured. Rums that could be mixed. We wanted to drink it our way and we want you to do the same. That is why we started Cabezon Beverage and the reason you are even on this page today.

We want to build a rum business in the UK that celebrates our customers. Our friends. Our family. We know that the only way we will grow will be by not only making delicious, award-winning rums but making sure our customers are celebrated as much as we are.

So, when you receive your bottle or order a drink at the bar, make sure you follow our socials and tag us along the way. We want to show off where you are, what you are drinking, who you are with and be that small social lubricant to the best parts of your life.

fraser making cocktail
Meet The Maker

Cabezon Beverage was formed in 2020 in response to being fed up with the options available at our local off-licence or supermarkets. We have always been rum drinkers and rum, quite rightly is becoming more and more popular by the day.

In the last 2 years we have been sending rum to bars, restaurants, shops and garden centres from Fraserburgh in the north of Scotland and as far south as St Ives in the south of England adding more venues by the day. If we are not stocked in your local, you tell them just to get in touch.

Where do we want to go next? Who knows. All we know is we are going big or going home. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter to keep an eye on our story, our growth, new products and offers for our subscribers.

Cabezon at Awards Show
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