The rum company shaking up the Aberdeen drinks scene

david and fraser

You can’t help but warm to Fraser Graham.

From his sense of humour to the fact that he is so utterly genuine.

Raised in a working class family, Fraser’s mum put in shifts at the fish factory and clearly instilled a sense of hard work in her son.

Now a parent himself, Fraser has carried his have a go attitude through life.

It is his sense of adventure, and ability to keep on trying, which has seen him chap on doors and even walk through a building site, in a bid to share his passion.

Marketing development director by day, there’s no denying that Fraser knows how to spin a good yarn.

But he also knows a good product, and the honest tale behind it which started off with two chaps launching a rum company.

One half of Cabezon Beverage, Fraser has been in business with his good friend, David Smith, for a year and a half now.

The pair aren’t looking for swanky brand partnerships, nor are they claiming that their poison will change your life.

But if you let them, this pair want to come along for the ride.

To be a part of your nights out, celebrations, or just plain old chewing the fat with your mates.

Aberdeen’s drink scene is strong. Click below link to read about our growth and why rum is the best:

Cabezon Beverage: The rum company shaking up the Aberdeen drinks scene – Press and Journal

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