The Accord Is an exciting new addition to the Cabezon Beverage family.

We have taken our flagship, award winning botanical rum and aged it carefully in Speyside whisky casks.

The result is a sweet harmony between two old rivals that have battled for centuries.


The name Cabezon is Spanish for ‘Pig headed/Big headed’ and was a nickname our founder picked up whilst living in Barcelona. It only made sense that our desire to create a rum that we truly wanted to drink - we would have to follow the Cabezon way.

Our rum starts its journey in the spiritual home of rum… the Caribbean and is mellowed for 5 years. The rum is then transported to the cooler climes of Scotland where we split it into two batches. One to macerate and the other -the home of the botanicals.

The batches are rekindled and blended to create a profile that is as fresh as it is familiar and will leave you looking forward to your next glass

Wilfully uncompromising

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The Finest Ingredients

We have travelled the world sourcing the highest quality botanicals. From Madagascan vanilla and Arabian cubebs to the West African Kola nut. This creates a purity you can taste with every sip.

Botanical Spirit

“Is it a spiced rum?” we get asked.
No is the answer. The botanic ingredients are added before the second distillation process. This results in a smoother, cleaner and more rounded finish.


Ron Cabezon is produced in Scotland.
We incorporate Royal Deeside spring water.
We then add some of the worlds finest botanicals and just a 'wee' drop of honey from a local farm