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The first thing we would say is that if you bought our rum, then you drink it however you like it. That choice is beautifully and exclusively yours.

Our award-winning rum is smooth enough to be enjoyed neat or over ice but also a fantastic addition to classic and contemporary cocktails. Why don’t you check out some of the best talent from the trade to your kitchen and if you have a serve idea send it in and we will get that right on the site to share with all our friends.

Cabezon at Home Serves

At home, you might not have access to some of the toys or joys that are available at your local cocktail bar but that doesn’t stop you being creative. Below is a selection of the favourite serves from you…. Our pals and the Cabezon community. Tag us in your cocktails on our socials and we will get your rum delights featured right here on our website to share with all our friends and yours. A timeless homage to our love of rum.

iRON Brew

iRON Brew

This little beauty came from Marc Sutherland in Inverurie.

50ml of Ron Cabezon
50ml of Mango Juice
20ml of Lime Juice

Shake and strain over ice then top up the glass with some Irn-Bru.

Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy

Matt in London sent in his favourite drink, the Dark and Stormy.

50ml of Ron Cabezon
2 wedges of lime juice, squeezed

Top up over ice with high quality ginger beer. Delicious!

Rum Old Fashioned

Rum Old Fashioned

A perfect winter warmer from Lucy in Ashbourne.

50ml of Ron Cabezon - The Accord
5ml of sugar syrup
A few dashes of orange bitters

Stir down over ice to the perfect chilled temperature



This little beauty came from @cocktailtesting on Instagram and it is lovely.

40ml Ron Cabezon
20ml campari
20ml sweet vermouth
2 padrón peppers
Pinch of salt
5ml agave

Shake it all up, baby and strain into your favourite glass.

The Coriander Punch

The Coriander Punch

This came from @therumbarrell on Instagram.

Ron Cabezon - 35ml
Lime Juice - 25ml
Coriander & Fennel Seeds Syrup - 15ml
Fig Leaf Liqueur - 15ml
Black Pepper & Cardamom Bitters - 1/3 pipette
Carbonated Camomile Tea - 100ml

Add all the ingredients to a shaker except the tea, shake and strain in a highball over cubed ice. Top with the tea and garnish with pressed coriander leaves, dry lime and Tesco mixed herbs.

The resulting concoction tastes spicy and botanical, bringing up the herbaceous aromas to the nose and palate.

Cabezon Sour

Cabezon Sour

This riff on a classic was sent in by Neil Traill in Inverness.

The Cabezon Sour looks great and tastes better, so get your shaker out and follow these instructions:

50ml of Ron Cabezon
25ml of fresh lemon juice
20ml of simple syrup
1 egg white (if you want a little more viscous and a frothy head)
A few dashes of bitters to look nice on the eye

Get these in a shaker and shake to froth the egg white. Add some ice and shake again until it feels nice and cold. Strain into your favourite glass, dress with some bitters and then get in your favourite chair and enjoy.

fRONch Martini

fRONch Martini

This was created out of necessity rather than desire by Julie Shand in Keith.

50ml of Ron Cabezon
25ml of Creme de Cassis
75ml of Pineapple juice

Shake over ice and strain into your favourite glass.

Dont Cross The Streams

Don’t cross the streams

This little lovely was sent in by @ScottishMixology on Instagram

50ml Ron Cabezon
20ml @mrblackspirits
15ml Stay pufft syrup*
30ml @thomsonscoffee Espresso
1 tsp salted pecan butterscotch

*toasted marshmallows, vanilla, butter, gum arabic, demerara sugar

Shake em all up and strain into your nicest glass wear.

The Nutty Buck

The Nutty Buck

This take on a classic daiquiri really compliments the subtle spiced notes from @CocktailTesting on Instagram

50ml @cabezonbeverage rum
20ml lime juice
20ml Almond syrup
5ml maraschino
2 dash angostura
Buckfast float

Shake all over ice in a cocktail shaker and strain. Top with a Buckfast float.

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