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The first thing we would say is that if you bought our rum, then you drink it however you like it. That choice is beautifully and exclusively yours.

Our award-winning rum is smooth enough to be enjoyed neat or over ice but also a fantastic addition to classic and contemporary cocktails. Why don’t you check out some of the best talent from the trade to your kitchen and if you have a serve idea send it in and we will get that right on the site to share with all our friends.

Cabezon at the Bar Serves

We love making drinks at home but when it comes to limitless creativity, more toys, more glassware choice than you can imagine and garnishes for days, we turn to the professionals.

Have a look below at the creative output from some of your favourite bartenders across the country, creating Cabezon signatures and more.

Cairngorm Sunrise

Cairngorm Sunrise

50ml Ron Cabezon
75ml Orange Juice
75ml Pineapple Juice
20ml Grenadine

Shake first three ingredients then d/strain over cubed ice in a highball. Add grenadine and allow to sink to the bottom.

Garnish: Sprig of heather.

Mango, Man Come Back

Mango, Man Come Back

50ml Ron Cabezon
50ml Mango Juice
25ml Sugar Syrup
20ml Lime Juice
Ginger Beer

Build over ice in a highball. Top with Ginger beer.

Garnish: Lime wedge/s.

Watermelon, Sugar

Watermelon, Sugar

40ml Ron Cabezon
5ml Agave Syrup
10ml Lime Juice
8 mint leaves
1/6th of an average watermelon, cubed (or replace with 75ml of watermelon juice)

Muddle watermelon then add other ingredients. Shake and d/strain over ice in a highball.

Garnish: Mint sprig or watermelon spear.

Spanish Cranachan

Spanish Cranachan

50ml Ron Cabezon
50ml Double Cream
2 tbsp of heather honey

Shake and d/strain into a small rocks glass.

Garnish: Raspberry on a pick and some toasted oats.



30ml Ron Cabezon
20ml Cynar
25ml Sweet Vermouth

Stir and serve up in a coupe.

Garnish: Lemon twist (Increase complexity by adding 1 dash chocolate bitters and 1 dash orange bitters)

Midnight in the Glen

Midnight In The Glen

50ml Ron Cabezon
5ml Coffee Liquer
40ml Sweet Vermouth
Pinch of salt

Stir and strain over a large cube in a rocks glass.

Garnish: N/A

The Ron Roy

The Ron Roy

Created by our friends at @nooseandmonkeyaberdeen

40ml Ron Cabezon
10ml Mozart Dark Chocolate
10ml Sweet Vermouth
10ml PX Sherry
2 Dash Chocolate Bitters

Shake all ingredients together and strain into a coupe glass.

bananas in pyjamas

Bananas in pyjamas

Created  by our friends at @nooseandmonkeyaberdeen

30ml Ron Cabezon
30ml Banana Liqueur
100ml Peanut Milk
3 Dash Chocolate Bitters

Shake all ingredients together and strain into a highball glass with ice.

Ron Accord

Ron Accord

Created by our friends at @nooseandmonkeyaberdeen

Ron Cabezon
Apple Juice
Pear Syrup
Lemon and Egg White
Topped with Blackberry Liquor

Shake all ingredients together and strain into a rock glass with ice.

Cabezon Royale

Cabezon Royale

Created by our friends @thechesterhotel 

Muddle 8-10 mint leaves with the juice of half a lime
50ml of Ron Cabezon
25ml of Champagne syrup

Shake and double strain over ice in a highball and then lengthen with soda water.

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